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Izaya was in his room lying there staring at the celling. Then he remembered yesterday, then walked to his chair. He was walking in this city and past the Russian sushi restaurant. Then he heard his name in the distance then felt something hit him hard on the right side, it hit him so hard that it made him fall over. Shizuo was walking up to him while, he himself was trying to get back up. While doing so Shizuo stopped right in front of him getting ready to punch him in the face "Izaya-kun!!!!" he yelled. Izaya ducked and got out of the way to make Shizuo look like an idiot.
"You're like a bull when it sees a red sheet Shizuo chan." Izaya said as her looked at Shizuo solemnly.
"Izaya don't talk to me like that!" Shizuo sung again and hit Izaya.
"That's better Shizuo Chan" Izaya said as he smirked.
Izaya shook his head to get that memory out of his mind. He sighed as he leaned back into his chair. "Shizuo chan has such a temper. I think I shall see him today."
He stood up and put his jacket on while heading towards the door as he saw his little sisters.
"What are you doing Izaya?" Mairu asked looking at her brother.
"Nothing, just going to Ikebukuro to get something" he said as he waved his right hand as he walked out.
Izaya walked down the sidewalk when he saw a convenient store trash can fly past his face then looked behind him.
"Izaya kun!" Shizuo screamed walking towards Izaya pissed as always.
"Oh Shizu chan. You need to calm down, why are you like this?" Izaya turned to face Shizuo smirking.
Shizuo pinned Izaya to the bricks on the outside of the sushi restaurant. "Because im angry."
"You have such a temper shizu chan."
Shizuo glared at Izaya then let the other go. Izaya looked at Shizuo confused then started to slink away slowly. Shizuo grabbed Izayas wrist then gave him a hug. Izaya was shocked at Shizuos response then hugged him back very slowly.
"Don't leave me Izaya please don't."
Izaya looked at Shizuo slightly then nodded a bit. "I won't shizu chan."
After Izayas sisters were asleep both Shizuo and Izaya walked into Izayas house. Shizuo went to the kitchen and told Izaya to sit in the living room. Izaya looked into the kitchen watching Shizuo make them something to eat.
Shizuo walked out of the kitchen with their food and set the plates on the coffee table, then sat next to Izaya.
"Huh?" Izaya looked at Shizuo confused at that moment Shizuo put his hand on top of his own.
Shizuo looked at Izaya in the eyes the moved towards his ear and asked, "Izaya I love you I want to at least try to be with you."
Izaya looked at Shizuo then didn't know what to say. He just sat there staring at Shizuo pondering his options. He didn't want to put his so called friend down so he nodded. He thought [Yea let's try this shizu chan.]
When Izaya nodded Shizuo hugged him tightly, not too tight though. Izaya hugged Shizuo back and smiled to see his friend act like this. Without him knowing his sister Mairu and Kururi got up to see what their brother was doing. Then they saw the blond kiss their brother and they noticed who it was. Their mouths dropped open when they saw the blond lay their brother down.
this is about how shizuo finally confesed his feelings?
and izaya doesnt know how to respond.
H-IBIKI Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Ahhhhhh, just before it got heated up >.<!
Very well written, I enjoy cute fan fics like this, keep up the god work !
Hope to read some more very soon ^^
thedemonicentity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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